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"Speech Boy 2: The Dirty Sock"
Season 1, Episode 7
Premiere date: July 6, 2013
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Speech Boy 2: The Dirty Sock is a video made by WSP. It is the sequel to Speech Boy.


"Hello. Today I will be giving a speech about this dirty sock. This dirty sock can be used for many things. My feet are very stinky, so it can be used to kick people in the face and they will die. Yeah, that's what you can use this for. And also, if you're upset at your dog, you can throw this at him and he'll stop ruining your life. So, what happens when you try eating a dirty sock like this? Bad things happen to you. Watch. BWAHHHAAAAAHHHA UGGH! See? That's why it's not a good idea to eat a dirty sock. It's been on someone's foot for such a long time. Yeah. Anyway, if you pee on the dirty sock, it would smell even worse. That's why you shouldn't eat dirty socks. They taste like crap. What happens if you put a sock on your hand? Let's put socks on our hands. YEAH! Yeah, that's not good. It's like something that a drunk Barney would do. It's not a good way to live your life. So, those are the many uses for a dirty sock. To the people of America, raise your socks in the air and yell, 'We can do it!'. How come no one's yelling 'we can do it'? Again, if you love your country, raise your socks in the air and yell, 'We can do it!'. Yeah! That's awesome. Dirty socks are awesome things. Our country was founded on the behalf of dirty socks. When the Constitution was written, it was written by a guy wearing dirty socks. When the public educaton system was made, kids going to the school wore dirty socks. Dirty socks have been part of our country's history for more than 300 years! That's why I'm a strong believer in protecting the dirty socks! The dirty socks are awesome things! If you hit yourself in the face with them, you turn into a walrus. Oh yeah! That's awesome. Well, raise your dirty socks in the air, and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

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