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Speech Boy
Biographical Information
Occupation: Speaker
Species: human
Gender: male
Friends: Alexander (possibly)
Show Information
First appearance: "Speech Boy"
Latest appearance: "Speech Boy 2: The Dirty Sock"

Speech Boy is a recurring character in WSP's videos. He is played by Alexander, but he isn't Alexander as seen in the video Speech Boy when he says that his name is Speech Boy. He is known for giving speeches about random items, such as a plastic container and a dirty sock. His speeches are mostly not true, such as when he said that the plastic container ran for president. He is not very smart, and seems to worship the items he gives speeches about. It is unknown if he knows Alexander or if he is an alter ego of his. He may be an alter ego because they both have a low intelligence level.


Objects that he gives speeches about[]

  • Plastic Container
  • Dirty Sock


  • A third Speech Boy video will be made.
  • He is similar to Alter Ego, since they both seem to be different personalities of Alexander.
  • Alexander may appear in the third Speech Boy video.