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[[Category:Season 2013]]
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"I Suck At Basketball"
Season 2013, Episode 9
Premiere date: July 31, 2013
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"Possessed Yoga Ball"
"Peanut Butter Attack"

I Suck At Basketball is the 9th WSP video.


Alexander is playing basketball and getting upset because he can't make a basket in a net that doesn't have a rim. He gets fed up, and he goes to try something new to be good at. He tries to do a chin-up and throwing a frisbee, but he ends up failing. He then tries to run twice, but he trips both times. After that he goes to a gravel parking lot and starts complaining about his life. He then runs toward a metal fence and kicks it, damaging his foot and knocking himself out. He reawakens in his dream, and notices a dream version of him who is more successful. Dream Alexander tells Alexander that he sucks, and is trapped in his dream world unless he beats him at a three-point shooting contest. The two Alexanders make all of their shots, tying at 6-6. They then attempt harder shots, but make them all as well. Dream Alexander says he is tired of fun and games, and he then attempts a 580-foot jumpshot. Dream Alexander misses and gets upset at Alexander, stating that he is the superior one. Alexander then yells "In your dreams" and shoots a full-court shot, making it. Dream Alexander disappears, and Alexander wakes up and attempts a shot and misses horribly.

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