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"I Suck At Basketball"
Season 1, Episode 9
Premiere date: July 31, 2013
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"Possessed Yoga Ball"
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I Suck At Basketball is the 9th WSP video.


Alexander is playing basketball and getting upset because he can't make a basket in a net that doesn't have a rim. He shoots two jump shots and a layup, but misses both of them. He gets fed up, and says that he will try something different to be his new hobby. He goes to try something new to be good at, and tries various activities such as chin-ups and running. After repeating the aforementioned activities several times, he realizes that he is not good at anything. After that he goes to a gravel parking lot and starts complaining about his life. He then runs toward a metal fence and kicks it, damaging his foot. He complains and whines about him sucking at everything, and he yells at the sky and suddenly disappears. He reawakens in his dream, and notices a dream version of him who is more successful. Dream Alexander tells Alexander that he sucks and starts making baskets. He also tells Alexander that he is trapped in his dream world unless he beats him at a three-point shooting contest. The two Alexanders make their first two shots, tying at 6-6. They then attempt harder shots from half-court. Alexander makes many shots off of 2 baskets, while Dream Alexander makes long-distance shots. After a while, Dream Alexander says he is tired of fun and games, and he then attempts a 580-foot jumpshot. Alexander gets worried that Dream Alexander will make it. Dream Alexander misses and teleports back to the court. He states his superiority over Alexander and throws a huge temper-tantrum. Alexander then yells "In your dreams" and shoots a full-court shot, making it. Dream Alexander falls on the ground and slowly disappears, causing Alexander to wake up from the dream world. He attempts a real-life shot and misses horribly, revealing that he was actually dreaming and still sucks at basketball. Alexander then went home and cried himself to sleep.

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