WeirdoSuper Wiki
Biographical Information
Home: Alexander's House
Occupation: creator of WSP
Species: Human
Gender: male
Show Information
First appearance: "Rubber Chicken Basketball"
Latest appearance: "I Suck At Basketball"

Alexander Rodriguez is the creator of WeirdoSuper and plays himself as the main protagonist of his videos. 


In his videos, he is portrayed as a naive child who is very ignorant about many things, such as is "Armpit Stink" when he got in an argument with Charlie the Chair over whether he should wear body spray. He has also appeared in the Speech Boy videos as a kid named Speech Boy who gives speeches about random objects. He seems to have an unusual sense of humor. He is not very athletic in "Bad Basketball Player", where he fails multiple times at different basketball shots. He is not very friendly, as shown in "Armpit Stink". He is the most ignorant in his "Speech Boy" videos, where he says that meaningless items such as a dirty sock and a plastic cd container are important to the economy. 

About WeirdoSuper[]

Alexander first made the channel for videos of him playing Mario games. He left the channel alone for a year before posting his first video, "Rubber Chicken Basketball". He has since gotten more experienced with video editing, and posts funny short videos to YouTube regularly. The name WeirdoSuper came from one of his forum usernames, SuperWeirdo. The channel has about 700 views and 100 subscribers. As of now, all of the characters in the videos are either voiced by or played by Alexander. WSP's videos are usually about 1 to 4 minutes long. His most viewed video is "Banana Explodes Into Flames" with 142 views.